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Terms & Conditions

Holiday Reservation policy:

1.On the basis of your demand and initial deposit, we will make your partial reservation with the airline. From that point if you change your plan of travelling or cancel your trip, all kind of cancellation charges will be applied. (According to deposit policy). All the booking confirmations should be done through e-mail or written.

Payment Method:

1.Payments can be made through Card (All kind of cards except American Express) or can be deposited in the company’s business account Bank. (Online Transfer, direct deposit & checks also).


CHARTER FLIGHT ARRANGEMENTS : - The price mention of booking invoice will not subject to any surcharges
SCHEDULED FLIGHT ARRANGEMENTS : - As per the airline rules, Scheduled flights fare can be changed any time before the issuance of ticket. So, we guarantee the fare if we receive the total ticket cost before the due date and time given to the client through booking invoice. (Subject to the sustainability of fare by the airline side) Initial deposits always give the guarantee of seat not the fare.
GOVERNMENT ACTION : - Our price Guarantee never cover any kind of changes in price by the government side e.g. Full surcharges, VAT.


If you are thinking of make kind of changes in your flight than you have to inform us at least 24 Hours Before the flight.


Flight Changes: If you’re thinking of making any major changes in your flight than you have to inform us at least 48 Hours before the flight as most of the airlines did not allow making changes 24 hours before the flight. Increase in Baggage or passenger: If you are thing to increase your Baggage or the number of passengers than you to inform and paid us in complete at least 48 Hours before the flight.


In group bookings usually we provide special discounts to passenger but in case of reducing the number of passenger after putting the deposit, your individual flight price can be increased


All the details regarding your flight (e.g. flight number, terminal number & other food related details) will be mention on your E-Ticket or on booking invoice. Any kind of changes in flight ,24 Hours before the flight will be the responsibility of the airline not agent.


Our company strongly recommends the client to take insurance of your flight. It will provide you the peace of mind and mental satisfaction. Insurance can be purchased through agents & airline also.


The leading passenger is liable to pay for all the passengers that he booked with The Company, confirmed through booking invoice.


Tickets will not be reserved until the required deposit Is not receive to The Company. Deposit is Non-Refundable in all cases.


If you intended to make any king of changes in your flight like change of travelling dates than there will be some charges that will be applicable (Charges are not fixed). Change in passenger or change in airline is not allowed. At the same time it showed to clarified that any kind of changes in taxes has to be paid by the client because it depends upon the airline.

If we receive any information regarding your flight than you will be informed on time by The Company side.


Any kind of cancellation should be in writing.


If the passenger is cancelling his flight because of his personal reason than he has to pay 75 GBP each passenger cancellation charges plus the loss of deposit. These charges are applicable if the client is cancelling his trip before the issuance of ticket.


If the passenger is cancelling his trip after the issuance of ticket than he has to bear the cancellation charges specified by the airline side. Most of the tickets are Non-Refundable but some of them are partially refundable. Refund will be given within four to six weeks.


If you have a problem during your holiday, it is a legal requirement that you inform the property owner/hotel management/our local agent who will endeavour to resolve the situation. If your complaint cannot be sorted out locally you must obtain written confirmation that the complaint was lodged. You must follow this up within 28days of your return home in writing to us with all the relevant details. If you fail to follow this procedure, it may make it impossible to investigate your complaint fully.


We accept the jurisdiction of the Courts in any part of the UK in which the client is domiciled. For clients not domiciled in the UK the Court of England shall have sole jurisdiction.