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Why do you need a personal holiday planner?
A personal holiday planner makes things easy for people on the move. A personal holiday planning service helps in different ways: Save your time and ensure your holiday experience.
What is included in the initial consultation process?
The Vacation Planners provides for a FREE initial consultation process with each client. It may be either face-to-face or over phone. This will help us to understand the expectations of each client of itinerary planning and holiday experience.
What is the process to get started?
After our discussion with each client, we prepare the custom itinerary plan and get the client's approval. On approval of the travel itinerary, the client pays 50% as advance, and the balance paid after finalizing the itinerary plan.
How are you different to other holiday planners or itinerary service providers?
We customize holiday itinerary as per the unique needs of each client, globally. Importantly, we help each client to choose the most suitable mainstream holiday, and plan the itinerary accordingly. We take into consideration each individual's budgets, interests, tastes and aspirations.
Do you offer travel itinerary services at a competitive price?
We consider each client as unique and our pricing for travel itinerary services matches the quality and budget expectations of our clients. You may be travelling alone, with a team or with your family, as per the changing requirements we offer competitively priced travel itinerary services.
Do you offer flexible travel itinerary plans?
Yes, we do provide for complete flexibility in our offer of travel itinerary services. You can update us of all changes in your itinerary plans, and also ask for alternate flight or hotel bookings, in case you are not sure of checking-in on time, or may get delayed due to some reasons.

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